Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Where did you get that hat?

OK, so as most of you know, Erin knitted a lovely blue Lion Suede hat about a month ago. I was then inspired to steal her pattern and knit it in purple. I finished it last week and upon placing it on my head, found out it was FAR too small (I guess they mean it when they say check your gauge).

So tonight, having upped the needles by a size and a half, I finished a second hat hoping to have one that didn't stop the blood from flowing to my brain. Much to my surprise, it worked!

Below are the pictures of the two hats. Why? Because I had space on my camera and well frankly I'm a knitting nerd.

Oh yeah, and when comparing our hats and stitches tonight, it looks as though the Susan Bates book I learned to knit from taught me that ever referenced "continental" style... Not what the rest of the group is doing! Not only do I knit "backwards" as a lefty but I do the opposite stitch than the rest of you when I'm called to knit or purl. What madness!

(in this order, don't the pictures look kinda like a smilely face? OK, I think it's time for bed.)


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