Sunday, October 23, 2005

Fondue & knitting!

I can't beleive I don't have a picture of the fondue. It was Grrreat!

More Pictures!

I like the happy feet in the pic

When did it get so dark out?

What was so funny?

Knitting is a blast!

Please see directions for CUTTING open your new scissors!

You show me yours (knitting) and I'll show you mine (crochet)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

purls gone wild!

Hi there, I'm finally posting some photos from the knit out! Woo hoo! I'll spare you the 64 pictures from the fashion show that ended up in my recycle bin anyway. (What was I thinking???)

Is it me or does it look like Tracy & Chris are trying to hide their smokes in that last one? Silly knitters! Anyway, like I said, I'm sparing you the tons of pictures I took of the back of peoples heads. Maybe the heat was getting to me or something?

By the way, this is my new obsession:

It's called spork and it's a felted bike messenger bag. How kewl is that!!! You can read about it here:

The only thing is if I make it I might do it bigger, a lot of people say it's coming out kind of small. That's if I finish all the stuff that's already sitting here waiting to get done... Sigh... Later ladies!

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